Town of New Ashford – Community Choice Aggregation Program


Pursuant to M.G.L. c. 30B, § 1(b)(32), the Town of New Ashford is not required to go through the Request for Proposals process when contracting with an energy broker to initiate a municipal aggregation program.

Broker contracts are exempt from standard procurement procedure and therefore, in accordance with State Law, the Town of New Ashford has elected to forego the Request for Proposals process.

The Town of New Ashford has chosen Colonial Power Group, Inc. to design, implement and manage its municipal aggregation program.

The Town of New Ashford intends to enter into an energy aggregation contract with Colonial Power Group, Inc. for energy or energy-related services arranged and/or negotiated on behalf of its residents.

Cemetery/Salt Shed area Warning


Please take notice of the sign entering the cemetery and salt shed area in town. There is to be no recreational vehicles up there. There has been ATVs and other vehicles driving up the hill across the lawn that is not allowed. Please pass along that the area is being monitored and trespassers will be reported to the authorities.